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If you’re looking to hire a professional stain removal service in Franklin, TN, look no further. We provide expert cleaning services for carpets, upholstery, and more. Our highly trained professionals have many years of knowledge and experience and are able to quickly and efficiently remove the most stubborn stains. Whether your carpet has oil staining, wine or coffee staining, blood staining, or any other type of stain, we have you covered.

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When you make the decision to hire our professional stain remover service, we always carefully choose a combination of the right tools and techniques. This ensures full removal of the most stubborn stains with no damage to your home.

We start the stain removal process by diagnosing the type of stain that is in your carpet. Then, we identify the type of fabric we are cleaning. Next, we will begin the stain remover process with the carefully selected professional equipment and cleaning method for the job.

Keep in mind, the cleaning solutions we use are always safe for your family and environmentally friendly unlike many of the stain removal products found in stores.

Our professional cleaning tools and techniques will deeply clean the carpet fibers and underlying padding, guaranteeing that 100% of the tough stains and dust mite matter will be removed.  Our professional stain removal service will remove virtually any stain as well as any underlying odor. We will leave your house looking new and smelling clean.

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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Stain Removal Service

  • 100% removal of old stains on all surfaces (upholstery, area rugs, carpets)
  • Stains are the most common lingering odor source found in homes.
  • Professional stain removal doubles as an odor remover for your rugs and carpets.
  • Stain removal is a quick and easy process, taking under 30 minutes per room.
  • Once stains have dried, they require advanced technical skill to be completely removed.
  • Professional stain removal services have a number of additional benefits like removing dust mite matter which can contribute to allergies.

Just a Few Types of Carpet Stains we Treat

1. Water-based Stains:

Water soluble carpet staining can include drink spills, like spilled wine or Kool Aid, or more difficult stains like pet urine.

One of the most common water soluble stains we treat are pet stains. Urine stain removal is tough once it is dried so it’s best to catch the accident while it’s still wet. Always blot the stain from the outermost edge to the inside until dry. This is an important step to avoid having the urine penetrate the underlying carpet pad and foundation.

If you’re having difficulty removing these carpet stains at home, the next best step is to utilize expert cleaning solutions. 

Since the most frequent stains are pet urine stains, during your consultation please specify you need a pet odor results based service if urine stains are what you’re dealing with. Our pet urine removal service differs slightly from our stain removal service.

2. Oil-based Stains:

Oil-based stains are non-water-soluble, which consist of spilled makeup, grease, oil, and other fats. If you see one of these carpet stains, begin by scraping up the solid pieces. Next, blot the area with a clean towel to absorb as much oil as possible.

To remove the remaining oil spill from your carpet, you can blot the area with a cloth dipped in warm water or rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol makes a great oil-based stain remover.

Oil spilling on surface

3. Protein-based Stains:

Protein-based stains are water soluble stains that include bodily fluids such as blood, vomit, etc. To remove these stains, start by scraping up the solid pieces. Next, blot up the wet carpet stains until completely dry.

You can buy a stain remover for protein-based stains online or at your local store before calling a professional. Enzymatic cleaners are designed to remove protein-based stains and are also very effective at removing pet urine.

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Professional Stain Removal Methods

Steam Cleaning

  • Steam cleaning, which is also known as hot water extraction, is a widely used stain remover. It can be on various types of fabrics. This method combines a cleaning solution and hot water which is sprayed onto the carpet with high pressure. It is vacuumed up as it sprays, resulting in removal of deep dirt and dust mite matter.


  • Deep shampooing is commonly used for stain removal on carpets and upholstery. A liquid detergent is applied to the affected area and is then agitated with a brush using compressed air. A thick foam results that will attract dirt and dust deep within the carpet. It’s then vacuumed up with high-pressure suction.

Spot Cleaning

  • This is a method commonly used for removing small, infrequent stains like pet urine or spilled wine. A professional grade cleaning solution is applied to the stain and the stain is lifted by blotting with a clean cloth.

Hot carbonating extraction

  • Hot carbonating extraction uses significantly less water than steam cleaning uses. High heat and carbonation are combined to create millions of small bubbles and kill bacteria. This process uplifts and cleans dirt from deep within the rug and carpet fibers. A significant advantage of hot water carbonation is the 1-2 hour drying time vs 24-48 hour drying times with other methods.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Hiring a Professional in Franklin, TN for Carpet Stain Removal

If you have tough stains that you can’t remove with DIY methods, you should contact a professional who can remove virtually any stain. At Carpet Cleaning of Franklin, we have the necessary experience, tools, and knowledge to remove any stain from your home.

We understand that accidents are unavoidable, and removing stains with DIY methods isn’t always the safest option.

We are proud to offer our customers satisfaction-guaranteed stain removal services to help Franklin, TN homeowners keep their home looking and feeling its absolute best.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Carpet Cleaning of Franklin
So, whether you are looking at removing a water-based, oil-based, or protein-based stain, we know the best stain remover that will safely and effectively remove it.

We also offer a wide range of additional carpet and upholstery cleaning services for your specific needs. You can relax knowing that your home can be cleaned quickly and effectively by our professionals.

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Carpet Cleaning of Franklin is the leading provider for professional stain remover services in Franklin, TN. We offer free consultations so we can assess your carpet’s specific needs and provide you with a customized solution. Our team always works diligently to remove the toughest stains, with absolutely no damage your home.

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